Makoto Ogasawara:

『沈黙の艦隊』 !?

VentureBeat から引用:

Blueseed Startup Ship

Blueseed, the startup-ship making Pirates of Silicon Valley an actual thing, has already gained interest from hundreds of entrepreneurs looking to start a company on the open sea.

Blueseed is a conceptual floating island-ship intended to house technology startup founders and employees only 30 minutes from California’s northern coast. The founders, who include an ex-Yahoo software engineer, plan to open the ship to inhabitants by the third fiscal quarter of 2013. Because the ship will be located 12 miles outside California in international waters, a visa is not needed, hopefully drawing in international entrepreneurs.

According to a survey done by BlueSeed, 133 startups are already gearing up for the maritime experience. Twenty percent of those startups come from the United States, followed by India at 10 percent and Australia with six percent. Of those 133 ready startups, 35 percent say they would be ready to move in now, if…

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