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It may seem strange to think of productivity app Evernote as a platform, but with 20 million users and 9,000 apps built on the client, the three and a half-year old startup is a veritable apps ecosystem. Beyond this developer ecosystem, the company released five of its own simple and unique Evernote-based apps in the past year: Hello, an app that helps you remember people, Food, an app that helps you remember important meals, Skitch, an app that lets you communicate visually, Peek, an app that utilizes the iPad cover for a novel take on tutoring, and Clearly, an app that makes content easier to read within Evernote.

To support all this app building, Evernote, which has a $95.5 million coffer from Sequoia CapitalTroika DialogDoCoMo Capital and Morgenthaler Ventures, has been quietly acquiring smaller companies from its talented developer…

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