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By Google’s count, Google+ has over 500 million “upgraded” members and some 135 million people active “in just the stream.” By researchers’ best estimates, however, the answer is a bit more complicated.

According to Pew Research Center’s latest social-media survey, which was published recently and aimed at sampling the demographics of social media use, 67 percent of online adults are self-proclaimed Facebookers, and Pinterest and Twitter claim 16 percent and 15 percent of online adults as users, respectively. Meanwhile Google+ — the so-called “#2” social network — was completely left out of the survey results.

According to survey designer Maeve Duggan, this was no omission: “In pre-survey testing, we found that respondents had a difficult time distinguishing Google+ from all of the other Google services they might use,” Duggan writes to TechCrunch. “As a result, we decided to exclude Google+ from the list of services we…

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